Dental Implants in Gulf Breeze, FL


Replacing a lost tooth is essential to a healthy mouth and a healthy body. Dental implants replace missing tooth roots with a titanium screw-like post. Then, a permanently cemented crown or a removable appliance is connected to the implant so it looks and functions as a normal tooth. 

Most dental implants are singular and do not involve the treatment of other healthy teeth. They allow for the replacement of missing teeth that can aid in chewing and functioning ability, as well as aesthetic concerns. In contrast, a bridge relies on the adjacent teeth for its support, which can weaken the teeth and compromise their health. Dentures can also prove to be unstable when eating and speaking, as they are not at all fixed to the bone.


Implants at Barrineau D.D.S. P.A.

Dr. Barrineau works closely with the best oral surgeons to make sure that you are well taken care of during the surgical aspect of your treatment. The oral surgeon will place the actual implant into the jawbone, but this is only the first stage of your treatment. The dental implant itself is only a replacement for the root of the lost tooth, so after the implant has been placed, you’ll still need to get a restoration, or replacement tooth.

An implant restoration from Dr. Barrineau consists of a fixed (permanent) or removable replacement tooth that is made to match your natural teeth. We want you to be completely satisfied with your care and love the results, so we do not rush the process. We make sure you are completely happy with the color, shape, and size of the restoration before permanently securing it to the implant. 


Single Implant (Posterior- Healing Cap)

Single Implant (Anterior- Healing Cap)

Maintaining the Health of Your Implant

You care for dental implants just as you do your natural teeth. Dental implants can develop gum/periodontal disease just like natural teeth, so it is best to have routine dental exams at our Gulf Breeze dental office and practice proper home hygiene.

If you are missing a tooth, contact our Gulf Breeze dentist Dr. Nicole Barrineau and schedule a dental implant consultation. Our extensive experience in facilitating implant care ensures your treatment success and years of healthy smiles in the future.

X-ray of an implant in position


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