Barrineau Good Works

Dr. Barrineau constantly demonstrates her life-long commitment to social responsibility.  It is part of her DNA. Whether coaching her children’s sports teams or contributing her expertise, Dr. Barrineau weaves herself throughout our local community.

National Dental Health Month

For the past 15 years during National Dental Health Month, Dr. Barrineau and her staff teach over 1200 children in Santa Rosa and Escambia County the importance of good oral hygiene focusing on brushing, flossing, healthy eating habits and regular dental visits.  According to the American Dental Association, nearly half of tooth decay in primary teeth of children ages 2-11 is untreated.  Serious tooth decay has a direct impact on the ability to eat, learn, sleep, and live.  For our more socioeconomically disadvantaged youth, Dr. Barrineau’s commitment is life changing for them.

Every Smile Has a Story

Most recently, Dr. Barrineau joined Dr. Pat Ricalde, along with an esteemed group of docotrs, in launching "Every Smile Has a Story," an international non-profit organization providing free life-changing craniofacial surgery. Craniofacial anomalies have become the most common live birth defect, with 1 out of 700 babies in the United States born with Cleft Lip and/or Palate.

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